Solving a Product Problem changes overtime

Once a dear friend of “Anubhav Bassi” missed a flight at the airport. he was at the airport 3 hours earlier. On the departure screen, “The flight status is delayed”. He captured the flight’s information on the mobile.
He was chatting and enjoying the shopping on the airport, and regularly checking flight status on mobile. The flight status was not changed.
Few hours later, he discovered that flight had left the airport. He ran to the help desk and asked them vigorously, “How come the flight left him?”. The help-desk person responded, “the flight was 30 minute late”.
Friend quickly showed the screenshot, “Yes! and I still see the message saying that the flight was delayed.” 😀
As PM, when we are dealing with the problems of our products, we tend to do the same. We capture the picture of the problem and start looking into how to resolve it. However, due to parallel grooming of the product, the problem have lost its original statement. It has evolved into a different problem.
Has it ever happen with you?
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